What is the Hive?

The Hive is derived from the idea of a hivemind. Essentially a large number of like-minded people contribute to an idea and influence the creative process as a collective intelligence.

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I regularly share new work via Facebook and my newsletter so you can give me your opinions on my writing as I write. Why not be part of the process and get exactly what you want?

I love to write thrillers with a hardboiled edge. But I think the way writers and readers interact has to change. So I developed the idea of the Hive.

I have one core belief above all others:

"You should be able to start reading a novel at any page and get hooked."

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I write for a living. I have written for television networks and advertising companies. I have been a screenwriter in Los Angeles and had work produced, optioned and sold. Some of my work has won awards.

On this site you can also find links to:

  • my previous published books
  • short stories
  • audio interviews for previous projects

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If you like reading Lee Child, James Patterson or Harlan Coben be part of the process...