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Chapters of novels are published together in one publication so if you're following along you will always be able to access the latest part.

You can read these novels free on Medium:

Self Affirmation For The Dead

The Sucker Punch Republic

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Self Affirmation For The Dead

Thriller / Americana

When Robert Eisner is pulled over by the California Highway Patrol on his way to Las Vegas something deep inside him snaps.

Facets of his world weave together as the story unfolds. A blackmailing entertainment attorney, an online dating scam, a hooker chasing the American Dream and a soldier suffering from PTSD  all crash together to test Robert to breaking point.

The Sucker Punch Republic

Thriller - current project

Kirk Conway is a disgraced former public prosecutor who will do anything to get what he wants. Paul Mendelssohn is a police detective working on a deadline to get results on a series of arson attacks.

A body in China, a missing businessman and a mythical crime syndicate called the Board that plays Paul like a puppet; in the end, the line between good and bad is hard to make out and Paul learns that it's the people that you never see coming that are the most dangerous.

The Tulip Garden

Urban Crime - editing stage

Arlen Trant is obsessed by Priscilla his long-estranged wife who walked out of their relationship after the birth of their second child.  Arlen wants life to return to normal and spends the next fifteen years moving from city to city doing whatever it takes to track down Priscilla. In the process he learns that what is most important are the people around you. But will Arlen's kids stick around to see his journey to its conclusion?

The Ballad of Rudy Whittman

In development

Rudy Whittman was influential in Self Affirmation For The Dead and this story follows him as he continues to struggle to find his place in a changing digital world. For a long time this project has been known by a few close colleagues as 'Gutter Pussy Blues'. That alone should give you a flavour of the style.

Join Rudy, the last remnant of the bad old days of Hollywood, on his final adventure. Excerpts of Rudy's story will be shared with members of the Hive mailing list as they happen so your feedback could shape the story.