I’m Publishing The Sucker Punch Republic

Every day for the next month or so I will be publishing a chapter of my new novel, The Sucker Punch Republic, over on Medium for you to read absolutely free.

It’s a first draft so expect it to be a bit raw, have the occasional typo and all the usual guff that goes along with writing a novel.

But, you can follow me on Medium. So every time I push a new chapter you will get notified. You’ll never miss a beat – especially if you have the app on your phone. By following me ‘live’ you will see how the story progresses. You can leave comments if you like, suggestions for what you think might happen next to Paul Mendelssohn and Kirk Conway.

What better to read over your morning coffee than some exclusive fiction!

The first chapter just went live here: https://medium.com/the-sucker-punch-republic/chapter-1-294dd97e6f58

See you tomorrow.


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